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Amedi Tuinverlichting
Amedi Tuinverlichting

Eyeleds LEDs
Welcome to the amazing world of eyeleds. the new generation of light experience based on led technology. eyeleds is the perfect accessory to enhance your home. the warm and luxurious light output provides a modern alternative to traditional candlelight. eyeleds are also perfectly suited to professional situations as offices and public buildings. eyeleds can be mounted anywhere for instance in floors, or in walls and ceilings. eyeleds is a patented light innovation. eyeleds is easy to install in plaster walls. eyeleds is easy to install in plaster floors. eyeleds is a patented light innovation and easy to install in carpets, parquetry, plaster and even tiles. light emitting diodes, generally known as leds, are semi-conductor components that transfer electrical power directly into light. three leds are integrated in a housing with a negligible recess depth of only 6.5 mm. the solid construction is designed to withstand heavy use. walking or driving over the lights is not a problem. eyeleds is safe because of the low voltage circuitry, but you won’t need to overhaul your homes electrical wiring. all you need is a single available standard outlet. impress yourself with eyeleds.

Oudhollandse tuinverlichting
De mooiste tuinlantaarns bij de specialist in oude modellen buitenverlichting en nostalgische tuinverlichting en tuindecoratie

Royal Botania
As the leading brand in garden furniture we offer a wide range of exclusive, classic and contemporary designs in garden furniture, outdoor lighting, teak bathrooms and teak parquet.

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